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PET Plastic Bottles

Proactive Packaging is pleased to offer PET bottles manufactured by Grafco, the industry's leader in PET technologies. Grafco's commitment to developing new technologies while pushing for higher standards with existing methods, coupled with a wide selection of standard bottles makes Grafco right choice in PET plastics.

Click Here to see Grafco's full line of stock PET containers

Benefits of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) Plastics

Crystal Clear

Bottles seem to sparkle, attracting attention and making contents look clean and fresh.

Good Barrier

PET complies with international food contact regulations. The low permeability of PET to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, and its good chemical resistance, protects and maintains the integrity of products. Products have a longer shelf-life, and still taste fresh.

Safe and Lightweight

Despite having only one tenth the weight of equivalent glass packaging, PET bottles are virtually unbreakable, and entirely shatter-resistant. Their high impact and tensile strength makes them ideal for carbonated products. PET bottles reduce shipping costs, improve shelf utilization, and can still be stacked as high as glass.

No Leakage

PET bottles don't leak because absolute closure integrity is possible with an injection molded neck finish.

Design Flexibility

PET containers are available in all shapes, sizes, neck finishes, designs and colors.

The Three 'R's:
Reduced, Reusable, Recyclable

Because of their thinner walls, PET bottles use less packaging material to achieve better results than other methods. PET bottles can also be made washable, refillable, and re-useable by the consumer. And, used PET bottles can be washed, granulated into flakes and reshaped as PET bottles or employed as material for strapping, carpeting, fiber filling, etc. For more information on how your compnay can incorporate environmentally sound strategies into your packaging solutions, click the link below.

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