Laminated Barrier Pouches by

Taipak Enterprises Ltd.

Proactive Packaging now offers a full range of Pouches by Taipak® Enterprises. Whether you are packagingfood products such as snacks, beverages, candies, meat and seafood, or non-food products such as pet food, cleaning supllies, medical products, or beauty supllies, our pouches can maximize appearance while meeting the most demanding quality, safety, and freshness requirements. 

We carry a wide range of attractive stock pouches for a wide variety of end-uses. For a more distinctive look, our team can assist you with a custom-printed pouch. Please use the links below for more information:


General Features


  • Attractive Appearance: Smooth, wrinkle-free surface. High gloss and excellent transparency

  • High Moisture / Oxygen Barrier: Increase the shelf-life and safety of your products.

  • Dimensional Stability: Customers will always receive the products in correct material and precise sizes as expected.

  • Easy to Seal: Works excellent for various types of sealers and packaging machines.